“I loved all of it! Was nodding my head yes so much of the time. Felt like I was finally finding a place and lifestyle that resonated with me.

It was a whole body reaction!”

Genevieve Munoz

Celebrant, Labyrinth Ceremonies, LLC

“This book is SERIOUS Woo-woo!

If you are highly courageous (or want to be), keep reading. If you aren’t that courageous yet, read anyway. Perhaps you can be.”

Scott Schumacher

Spiritual Director, NorthernDruid.net

Sneak peek

Quotes from the book..

The Love

Economy awaits


We can make this easy or we can make this hard!

If you’re going to read this book, prepare to be undone.
If you choose not to read this book, prepare to be undone..


Do you feel?

There is no point in reading any more of this book without feeling. In fact, reading it only as words and mental concepts would be harmful to Creation.


What Service is not:

I’m sorry to tell you, what you call your light is just another addictive method of getting fed.